Mortgage Arrears


Mortgage Arrears Explained

Mortgage Arrears occur when a person misses a series of mortgage payments. Should a borrower fall into arrears, the lender has the right to take legal action against the lender. This will usually come to occur following two or three miss payments. Mortgage arrears usually come to happen due to a series of unfortunate circumstance. Typical scenarios include the loss of a job, sickness or poor management of finances.

Consequences of Mortgage Arrears

Should a home buyer’s mortgage fall into arrears, the lender can legally repossess the property. It can then be offered on the market for sale by the lender. The lender can choose the terms, conditions & price of a sale. However, the buyer will still be held responsible for any outstanding debt not covered by the potential sale. Clearly, this is a daunting circumstance for a property owner.

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Impact of Mortgage Arrears on Credit Rating

Credit Ratings hold a large amount of importance when making future plans. They can disable a person’s ability to access finance. This can destroy the dream of owning a home or business. Should a buyer find themselves in mortgage arrears, their credit rating is negatively affected. A tainted credit report caused by the buyer’s failure to rectify their financial situation may prevent the future securing of a mortgage.

Assistance with Mortgage Arrears

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